What to Look for in an Electronic Lighter?

Electronic lighters are the wave of the future when it comes to lighting a fire. They will quickly make disposable and butane lighters a thing of the past. If that happens, then it will be better for the environment since electronic lighters do not have the fossil fuels that other more traditional lighters do.

Since they do not produce a real flame, they can be useful in a variety of conditions such as wind and a light rain. However, you would need a powerful lighter if you want to light a cigarette during especially windy or rainy days.

If you decide that you want to purchase an electronic lighter, then it is important to take a few things into consideration. One of the first things you should do is to read as many electronic lighters reviews as you possibly can. This will give you an idea as to what kind you want. Reviews will help you to narrow down the possibilities so you do not have to buy the ones that will not work for you.

electronic lighters reviews

Electronic lighters come in a variety of different types and sizes, it is important to decide what you ultimately need the lighter for and how often you might use it. Some of them are quite small and would only be good for lighting a cigarette, while others can light a large cigar or pipe. Some can even help you to light a campfire.

One thing to keep in mind is that the tip of the lighter is small, and thus the area that gets hot enough to light something is also quite small. You need to keep this in mind when choosing your electronic lighter. Another thing that differs in models is how they are recharged. Some of models are charged via a battery while others are charged using a USB. These models can be charged while on the road in your car or from your computer.

There are two different types of electronic lighters. They are dual arcs and single arcs. The dual arc variety is for the larger lighters that are more powerful than the single arc version. The single arcs are cheaper than the dual ones, though the dual arcs can work in many conditions that the single arcs can’t due to a lack of power.

One thing that reading the electronic lighters reviews is how long the different lighters can hold a charge before you need to recharge. Some of the more expensive ones can produce over 300 lights before needing to recharge, while some of the less powerful ones need a recharge after less than 100.

Another thing to keep in mind when reading the reviews is whether the model you are looking at creates a slight whining noise when they are being used. While many of the more recent models don’t have this problem, some of the cheaper models still make this noise. If such a thing would annoy you, it is best to find out which ones create the noise and which ones do not.